Patagonia Photography Travel Guide

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This photography travel guide to Patagonia is a detailed reference book for one of the best landscape photography destinations in the world.

I wrote this guide after spending a month travelling in Patagonia to photograph the landscape. I have spent months travelling in South America, but this was my first Patagonia trip focused exclusively on landscape photography. It took nine months to research as I gathered information from forums, websites, blogs, books and anywhere I could find images and travel advice on exploring Patagonia.

The guide contains the advice and knowledge I found most useful, gathered into a single ebook for planning your trip. It contains ideas on where to stay and how to get around, photo spots and what you might capture there, and links to mapping for precise locations.


  • 32 pages of information, maps and images to for planning your Patagonia photography trip
  • 20+ photography spots with images and precise map links
  • 40+ landscape photographs of Patagonia
  • Pay-what-you-want pricing
  • Free version updates in the future

About the author

I’ve travelled with a camera to fifty countries, and my images have been published and sold as prints around the world. I travel frequently for photography, planning my trips in order to maximise the time I can spend in the landscape with the camera and using extensive research to find the best locations for photography.

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Patagonia Photography Travel Guide

4 ratings